Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scooby...I Mean La Snacks.

So you say you love proper indie rock and you don't get why all the crazy kids love this dance music stuff. You say that today's music is just to discotastic for your taste. You miss the days when people like Stephen Malkmus would write slacker anthem after slacker anthem on a guitar. Well this means the following...1) you're not in your 20's anymore 2) you probably haven't bought a record since 1999 3) you more than likely live in Jacksonville and 4) you will absolutely LOVE La Snacks!

Yes, it's the giant ocean of synthesizer wielding dance floor monsters there are tiny fish who still cling to the idea that the Archers of Loaf and Pavement were the greatest bands to have ever walked the earth. While I'm more from the Britpop camp then the American indie rock camp I myself do love a good Pavement song and that's why I found La Snacks such a freaking great band.

This Texas band embrace the snarky slacker ethic that made a whole scene go absolutely nuts over a decade ago. As their bio says, La Snacks is definitely proof that sticking with something can eventually get you to the point where all is as it should be or, as the band now says, Newfangled.

So break out your Doc Marten's and relive the 90's all over again...

Download: Kristin Was A Meterologist
Download: The Circle Argument

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