Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spencer Product Bites

Do you miss the days when Ministry were at the top of their game? Do you miss the hilarity and ironic nature of the Revolting Cocks or 1000 Home DJ's? If you do, then you'll love Spencer Product's We Bite.

Disguised as a "electro" artist this American takes all the classic elements of those Wax Trax bands (broken synths, distorted vocals, inane lyrics, etc) and gives them a 21st century spin and comes up with a pill munching, alcohol swilling, party patrolling monster that really sounds like the best song Al Jourgensen (a poster child for champion partier if there ever was one) never released.

We Bite is a cross genre monster that will appeal to your inner goth, inner American Apparel wearer, and inner party demon. This is a blast from the past that probably has no idea that it's a blast from the past and that's what makes We Bite great. Throw in a couple of remixes and you have a single that's bonecrushingly amazing.

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