Monday, April 27, 2009

Emperor Xu Xu Fang

Xu Xu Fang, featuring Bobby Tamkin (The Warlocks, Hovercraft), and Barbara Cohen, who sang with Air, has anywhere from six to ten members and up to four guitars, creating a layered, psychedelic sound you would expect to hear emanating from a wooded bungalow in Laurel Canyon circa 1972.

The rainy sounds of Xu Xu Fang echo early Black Sabbath with whispery vocals that tend toward Elliott Smith and My Bloody Valentine. It's super moody stuff that's grey and grim with just a sparkle of sunshine. Xu Xu Fang's songs have that soundtrack-like quality about them that allow the songs go be as expansive and epic as they want. It's imaginative stuff to say the least that will play tricks with your imagination while putting you into a trance.

April 28 is the release date for Xu Xu Fang's new CD, Seven Days Now. And yes...that is actually a Cure cover down there.

Download: Your Way
Download: Fascination Street

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Sounds rad!