Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Funking Mayhem from The Void(well)

Will Johnson and his alter-ego, Gordon Voidwell, are a lot things – a trained vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and even published fashion writer. Just like the man behind the moniker, Voidwell’s retro-futuristic pop is a unique yet unified blend of various styles. He combines the silky vocals of 80’s funk and R&B singers with infectious electro beats and a hip-hop swagger that flows effortlessly from the native New Yorker.

This concoction is immediately apparent on Voidwell’s brand new track, “Disco Afternoon,” which has a hook that nods to the Hall & Oates classic, “Method of Modern Love.” The song is such a pure funk motherfunkin jam that Bootsy Collins is considering retirement because of just how good this tune is. Chilled out, laid back, and STILL funky, "Disco Afternoon," is a blissful, glittery, trek across the Winter Music Conference dance floor. This tune will be a summer's that good.

Download: Disco Afternoon

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