Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Timo Maas Takes On an Infected Mushroom

I don't really need to tell you who Timo Maas is. Unless you've lived under a rock since the turn of the decade you've pretty much been exposed to this UBER DJ somewhere in your travels. Of your tits or in a shop you've heard something this guy has done.

Of course, Timo Maas is no stranger to reinvention. In a DJ career that he estimates has now spanned “a good 27 years”, Timo’s musical palette has taken in epic breaks for Perfecto (‘Ubik’), the globe-straddling, still ubiquitous remix for Azzido Da Bass known to the world as ‘Dooms Night’ and a solo artist album for Warner which saw him work with r n b princess Kelis (on ‘Help Me’) and Placebo front man Brian Molko.

Ask Timo where his sound sits and where he is going and the answer will be more lateral than literal, a feeling rather than a carefully-thought out specific answer. “Essentially, what I love is the possibility to experiment. We can work spontaneously and some days we just listen to 70s psychedelic rock – it’s totally open minded In 2010, we will release a few albums – a Mutant Clan album and a few collaborations in the pop direction and sophisticated direction. And scores – but that’s the future, that’s the target.”

As if to prove a point, he's just remixed, Infected Mushroom and given them this gothy sort of industrial feel that would have been massive circa 1992. It's as if Ministry was still one of the biggest bands on the planet and Timo had joined them. That's not a bad, thing and it's intriguing to hear a guy who is more known for creating super huge trance anthems give a tune an industrial edge. It's impressive stuff indeed.

Download: Smashing The Opponent

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