Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ten Tracks You Need #61

Ah...Spring. A time of renewal, a time of growth, and a time of epic yard work. If you're like me and were anywhere not in the Southern Hemisphere than chances are you've had a pretty brutal winter. Mother Nature hasn't been very nice to mankind this past season and there have been more freezes here in FLORIDA then I can ever recall in my lifetime. Even Miami wasn't untouched this year as the temps dropped to below 32 (0) down there. It actually "snowed," in some parts of the state and if that isn't the definition of a harsh winter then I don't know what is. (I'm supposed to be in shorts in January, not 15 layers of clothing, the heater turned up to 180, and the inability to even think of going outside).

Now after months of brutal weather, we've leapt into Spring. As the first day of Spring is upon us, it's now raining and rather warm, and things are starting to bounce back. This is a good thing! None-the-less, most of my neighbors and myself will probably end up spending the next two to three months cleaning up and replanting.

As horrifying as that sounds to most of hipsterdom, I rather enjoy being out there amongst the pollen, wood chips, plants, and mulch. I suppose I'm old, but it's much more gratifying to see something you own look amazing after your hard work then to spend a night face down in vomit. Call it a personal choice but I'll take plants over puke any day.

Anyway, this week's Ten Tracks You Need has been my soundtrack to the start of that recovery and even today's rainy day. As per usual it's all over the place but that's the general idea.


Ten Tracks You Need
1) Future Islands - Tin Man website

2) Power Animal - Female Wrestler website

3) Mystery Roar - Mayhem website

4) PB - The Violin website

5) Napoleon - Baghdad, Me & The Hitman website

6) Golden Filter - Hide Me website

7) Illus Ocean - Gum Drop website

8) Lectro Lips - Superhuman (Edit) website

9) This Car Is On Fire - Early Morning Internazionale website

10) Struboskop - Can I Never (Simeks Dub Mix) website

11) Kingdom - Mindreader (ft.Shyvonne) (CFCF Remix) website

12) Gordon Voidwell - Disco Afternoon

13) Don Diablo - Teen Scream Machine

14) Titus Andronicus - A More Perfect Union

15) Holy Fuck - Latin America

Bonus Zips
(Left click on these)
Kandid McFly - Stage Fright

Luke Walker - Mixtape/Mix/Excursion Into Bangerama

CHLLNGR - Islands (Remix)

Evil Nine - No Manners (Dannoso Remix)

Markus Lange vs. Baltimore Club - Elmo Song

Brooklyn Minimal Science - Winter Tech Mix" website

ARMS - Heat and Hot Water website

The Record Machine - SXSW Sampler 2010 (submit your email address)

RCRD LBL (opens in seperate window)
Richard Morel - Shoegazer Disco (Roberto Rodriguez Vox Edit

Lady Chann - Sticky Situation (Toddla T Remix)

Asher Roth - She Don't Wanna Man (Yes Giantess Remix)

Miiiiiiiiiiiiiike Snow - Syvia (Ernestamz Remix)

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Cassette Club Remix)

Nosaj Thing - IOIO

Hesta Prynn - Can We Go Wrong (RAC Mix)

Hortlax Cobra - This Time That's It


Kidd Russell

Luke Walker

Rasmus Faber


Struboskop said...

Hey. thanks for the post, we are also big fans of spring down here in austria...

Paul POP! said...

Thanks for reading! I think we're all due for some warmer (and sunnier) weather! Cheers.