Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sander Kleinenberg Wants To Rock You All Night Long

The inimitable international DJ, producer and label boss Sander Kleinenberg is back with his latest release R.Y.A.N.L (Rock You All Night Long) on Little Mountain Recordings.

R.Y.A.N.L is a peak-time disco fuelled future anthem. It's robotic devastation designed to whip a crowd into a frenzy. Throbby, banging, and groovy as hell the song is the sound of a 1000 Terminators on a rampage. As if to prove the point the breakdown alone is the aural equivalent of a mushroom cloud. It's simple and effective stuff that's destined to cause dance floor devastation.

R.Y.A.N.L is the follow-up to Sander’s 2009 summer anthem This Is Our Night which is also taken from his highly anticipated self titled debut studio album 5K (release expected in Summer 2010).

The release is available as a Beatport exclusive from 29th March with the rest of the download world to follow two weeks later on 12th April.

Download: R.Y.A.N.L.


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