Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome To Fang Island

Fang Island began, oddly enough, as an art school project while the band members were attending the prodigious Rhode Island School of Design (also the foundation for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Les Savvy Fav, Six Finger Satellite, Lightning Bolt and some band called the Talking Heads.) According to guitarist Jason Bartell, the goal was to "make music for people who like music." That is, music without irony that harnesses its uplifting qualities. Just like a classic rock song or classical symphony can stir us emotionally, Fang Island exists to unlock that spirit.

Judging by their recently released debut album, Fang Island they've pretty much succeeded in unlocking it. Fang Island is what the Oxes would sound like if they were perpetually happy. They are what metal would have sounded like if it were institutionalized and given lithium. Fang Island is all about god guitar solos, riffs of the gods and hooks that pummel you over the head for maximum impact. In other words, Fang Island are musos it's ok to like.

Fang Island is guitarist Jason Bartell, bassist Michael Jacober, guitarist Chris Georges, guitarist Nicholas Andrew Sadler, and drummer Marc St. Sauveur. They all share collective group vocal harmonies and the occasional hand claps. While Sadler is also known for his role in the debauched rock band Daughters, it is only his fretboard skill that translates between the two groups.

Download: Daisy
Download: Life Coach

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