Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who You Calling A Twit...

Pitch Twit is the pseudonym of Yorkshire musician and producer Tom Sidebottom. This young producer's music is about melody and energy and when he's not making it, he's issuing it. You see Tom is also co-founder and producer of Exceptional Records.

Tom comes from a highly musical family; three of his direct family play or are still playing the violin in professional orchestras (auditions for these generally last between one and two years!) He even plays himself. In fact, you can check out "Knives" by Black Diamond Bay to hear Tom's violin.

Violin aside, synths are obviously Tom's real love though, and the synthesized bleeps and wobbles squeezing out of the speakers is like pure heaven to him. His latest track, "Bulletproof," is evidence of this. Pitch Twit’s knack for electronic dance music and twisting sounds and melody to accentuate his percussive thumps are his signature and one listen to "Bulletproof," and I think you agree that Pitch Twit is far from being like his namesake. In fact, he's anything but.

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