Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Strangers & Sensual Harassment Shine On You

After a ten day break we've emerged from our cocoon to begin posting once again.  And really, I couldn't have written this any better if I tried.  Happy Monday folks, thanks for sticking around.  We here at POP! Stereo HQ really appreciate the support. 

Anyway, when a band finishes a new album, there’s certainly a temptation to break out the Mad Dog 20/20, order a fleet of stuff-crust pepperoni pizzas and veg out to some classic Twin Peaks re-runs for the next few weeks or even months, that isn’t always the best instinct.

Following the buzz behind late 2010’s Alpha Draconis (quite possibly a Slytherin spell) , Sensual Harassment has been holed up and busy at work in a crowded studio that’s begun to resemble a synth-nerd’s episode of Hoarders. While waiting for their record to come back from the mastering engineer, the band has decided to tackle some remixes to stay fresh and focused for their new releases later this year.

This time around, Sensual Harassment takes the plaintive and down-tempo gem from the auspicious UK band Strangers and flips it out into a synth-charged thumper, amplifying the original track to near anthemic heights. They pretty much knock it out of the ball park here and if this remix is a taste of things to come the mastering engineer better get his arse in gear!

Download: Strangers - Shine On You (Sensual Harassment Remix)

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