Friday, April 13, 2012

Afrobeta Throw A Wig Party

Miami's Afrobeta are a stunningly sexy electro pop act that creates songs as seductive as a South Beach night. With an eye on the dance floor and a sound that's so poptastic it's about ready to explode Afrobeta's album, Under The Streets, is destined to be anywhere but underground.

With sparkly synths, Miami-like beats, well-polished production and absolutely massive songs, Under The Streets is a stellar debut that's as slick as its cover would seem to indicate. As for their new EP, Wig Party it's packed to the gills with huge hooks, instantly memorable choruses, and melodies that melt in your ears, there's so little the matter with these records that they might just both be perfect. At times sounding like New Order in a dance off with Expose, Afrobeta are completely modern while being influenced by the sound of Miami’s present and past; they are truly awesome at what they do.

Download: Love Is Magic (DiscoTech Extended Remix)

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