Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Leave It To The Fixers

British band, Fixers are preparing to invade the States and in the process of doing so are releasing their first US EP, Pop Meat/Your Corruptor, on April 24th via Dolphin Love Records. 

With an aesthetic that blooms from Beach Boys-era harmonies and surf samples, Fixers assert themselves as a band to watch, with endless hooks and a love for experimentation.  Using these tools, Fixers create songs that are all over the place and refuse to sit still.  From the acappella harmony of, "Another Lost Apache," to the endless rolling drums of, "Crystals," the band harness a variety of approaches to make your legs akimbo, you arms outstretched, and get your feet moving.

If Pop Meat/Your Corruptor, hints at what’s to come from Fixers we're in for a lot of jumpy indie in the future. They never sacrifice the big melodies or the experimentation that makes them great and the result is a sun-drenched, fuzzed out, joyride that hopefully will find it's way onto a full length album.

Download: Crystals

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