Tuesday, April 10, 2012


DIVE craft a sound that is at once familial and frost-bitten. Indebted to classic kraut, dreamy Creation-records psychedelia, and the primitive-crunch of late-80's Seattle, the band walk a divisive yet perfectly fused patch of classic-underground influence.

One part THC and two parts MDMA; the first offering from DIVE chemically fuses the reminiscent with the half-remembered building a musical world out of old-air and new breeze.

Sounding like a vintage Drums meets something like Teenage Filmstars lost in Felt's recording studio and you have an idea of what DIVE are attempting to achieve. It's quite good stuff that's swirly, breezy, slackertastic, and ridiculously good. The perfect encapsulation of classic sounds with a modern twist DIVE should really end up soaring more then heading in a downward trajectory.

Download: How Long Have You Known
Download: Bambi Slaughter (Cobain cover)

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