Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Have You Got Deep Time

Austin's Jennifer Moore and Adam Jones are truly one-of-a-kind. For years, they've been charming and bewildering critics with their singular brand of oddball art-pop as Yellow Fever (sometimes "YellowFever"). Their years under this handle are a legacy, yes, but also a kind of chrysalis, one that Moore and Jones are now bursting forth from with a new name and a renewed energy to their idiosyncratic sound.

Behold Deep Time, whose "debut" self-titled album will be out June 26th. This nine-track marvel is described by Ian Svenonius as a "catastrophe for the forces of predictability and boredom." Not that we'd ever want to argue with Sir Ian but "Clouds" is the first hint at what Deep Time have been brewing in their psychedelic coccoon. And it sounds like vintage Stereolab without the endless jams. It's got that vibe to it and we love it.

Download: Clouds

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