Thursday, April 12, 2012

Haunted by Apollo Ghosts' Landmark

You've Changed Records excitedly announces the release of Apollo Ghosts' new album, Landmark. Out on May 15, the album follows the group's Polaris Prize nominated 2010 release, Mount Benson.

Apollo Ghosts third album is about an island paradise, doing the dishes, and love. Adrian Teacher wrote most of music for Landmark in Sackville, New Brunswick (that's Canada folks) and finished the lyrics in a small cabin on Protection Island, after shopping for a weekend’s worth of groceries.

Landmark is the most domestic and personal album the Ghosts have recorded. The songs are deeply informed by the concept of home, the worries of aging and lost love, sexuality and abandoned friendships.  And while that sounds depressing as hell, as you'll see by the track's anything but.  It sounds as if Landmark for all it's frailties is going to be a rollicking good time!

Download: What Are Your Influences

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