Monday, July 14, 2008


We Vs. Shark played here in Jacksonville last week and unfortunately I missed them and if you missed them on their recent tour than we should commisserate together becuase we pretty much fucked up.

You see, WVS are insane and nothing says a fun show like pure, unbridled insanity. Imagine a dirty rock and roll version of Thunderbirds Are Now meets the Death Set on 30 bottles of Jack Daniels and you might be able to figure out what We Vs. Shark sound like.

Their album, Dirty Visions was recorded intensely over two whole days. Amazingly no one died. But the sheer energy captured during the recording session and laid onto tape is a sense of what it was like last Sunday.

Surprisingly, both the band and the club are still around but WVS' legacy will live on forever.

Download: Mr. Ego Death
Download: Hello Blood


Amy Guacamole said...

wtf?!?! when/where did they play?

Paul POP! said...

Eclipse last Sunday!

Amy Guacamole said...

what? you mean yesterday? i was there last sunday(the 6th), but i got there after bands played. i'm kicking my own ass right now.

Paul POP! said...

Yeah it was the 6th. You apparently just missed it! And you would have loved Strangers that played this past Thursday.