Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Take A Bath

The Boy Bathing is an independent rock band from New York City (yet another one). Their music focuses on prolific lyricism, extravagant arrangements and dramatic live performances. The band is fundamentally comprised of four members who use a variety of sounds to create micro-worlds out of the story or imagery of each song. Their first full-length record, A Fire To Make Preparations, is releasing this Summer!

Judging by the two tracks below it's going to be a fantastic record. It's kind of strummy, twee, ethereal and spacey with just enough of a pop sensibility to allow them to eat your brain away after a couple of listens.

If you ever loved a Matinee or March record you'll love The Boy Bathing. The Summer of Twee continues!

Download: The Beaches Meet The Sea
Download: A Fire

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