Thursday, July 10, 2008

Take Off! To The Great White North.

Who knows what they put in the water up in Canada but whatever it is, it has this ability to make frickin' awesome bands. The latest one to come my way is the strangely named Plajia.

Hailing from Montreal, Plajia actually sound like they're from outer space as opposed to the largest French speaking city outside of France.

As for the band their this pretty much sums it up, "From gripping beginning to grandiose end, their voyages through time and space transport us in an impressionist soundscape, where unbridled imagination, open emotion and gleeful sarcasm colour an ethereal and melodious music."

In other words imagine something like the Cocteau Twins meets Spiritualized meets Verve and oh what the heck Radiohead and you kind of have an idea where Plajia are coming from most of the time. They do occasionally get chipper and then put the ethereal stuff on hold and get all jangly in a 60's Beach Boys/indie pop sort of way. Either way, in space or at the beach, the band do a pretty good job of making some pretty decent pop.

They just released their debut album up north and while I'm not sure where you'd find it here in the states, you can visit HERE and buy it without even leaving this page.

In the meantime check out the tracks below, tune in, and drop out.

Download: God's Waiting In Line
Download: Is That The End
Download: Beautiful Explosion

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