Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's A Revolt

Channeling the sounds of Bob Pollard, The Grifters, and Superchunk isn't exactly the easiest thing to do, but for Athens' own Mass Solo Revolt that's exactly what they've done. The results of this supernatural musical intervention can be heard on their album, Easy Mark.

It's pretty good stuff in that classic American indie-rock sort of vein. It's a record that's all about loud guitars, loud vocals, and songs that are catchy despite being able to blow your eardrums out. Or as they say in professional like manner its about bringing rock back to pop.

But their quest to do that might not have ever happened if Ian Mackaye wouldn't have heard heard their song "Hostage Taker" blaring out from the studio. As the story goes, MacKaye couldn't get the song "Hostage Taker" out of his head. He suggested to Silver Sonya Studios owner Chad Clark (member of Beauty Pill who recorded and engineered The Dismemberment Plan's Emergency & I) that Mass Solo Revolt would be an interesting project for him. Chad agreed and invited Martin Brummler up to record. Over the course of a year, the Easy Mark record was made with Martin playing all the instruments save the drums, which were played by Andrew Becker (Medications). The record caught the attention of several labels and created quite a buzz for the select few that heard it. In fact, these sessions went well enough for Clark to invite Brummeler to join as a business partner in Silver Sonya, which he did, holding off on releasing Easy Mark until he was settled and had a band together in D.C. But that partnership dissolved and Brummler moved back to Athens and self release Easy Mark, which he as since done.

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