Friday, July 25, 2008


Spencer Seim is a busy man, when he's not abusing guitars for Hella, he's the drummer for The Advantage and now when he's not doing either of those bands he's now his own musical adventure known as sBACH.

sBACH sounds like Pat Metheny on acid hanging out with Mr. Bungle and John Zorn in a strip club doing even more drugs and then taking unicycles to a recording studio to lay down some tracks. It's insane metallic instrumental mayhem that's so quick the songs don't even have titles.

sBACH is the sound of metal mayhem that shreds all it sees. If you're left standing after listening to this record in its entirety then consider yourself lucky. If you've got padding in your room or enjoy being torn to bits than I suggest you download the song below and when the album comes out on August 19th buy it with extreme caution; you might just shuffle off your mortal coil from holding it in your hands.

Download: Three

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