Monday, July 14, 2008

Dead Heart and Bloom!

According to their bio, New York City-based Dead Heart Bloom was formed by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Boris Skalsky in 2005. The band has gained a sturdy fan base since then, receiving comparisons to the "eclectic eccentricity of Beck" and the "dramatics of Bowie". Reviewers have also named Mark Kozelek, Jeff Buckley and even "Pet Sounds"-era Beach Boys as comparisons.

Now while I'm not too sure of the Beach Boys comparisons, about five seconds after hearing any track DHB does you'll realize the Bowie comparison is spot on and for you older erm, gothier types out there, there is even a bit of Peter Murphy in there as well. Skalsky definitely has that kind of a voice and his stuff is just moody enough to easily spot the similarities.

Following the eponymous self-titled debut album and elegant, understated Chelsea Diaries (both Shortlist Prize nominees), Dead Heart Bloom returns with a new collection of songs in the form of Fall In. A five-song EP, the latest material leans heavily towards well-crafted guitar pop and late night atmosphere; immediately launching into churning overdrives, spaced out melodies and lyrics that explore both the highs and lows of love, life and faith (and often a lack of the latter). The band continues to explore the parameters of rock music, though, anchored by vocalist Boris Skalsky's smoky baritone, always sounding uniquely Dead Heart Bloom.

Download: Out Last Martyr
Download: Fall In EP (yep the whole damn thing!)

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