Thursday, July 3, 2008

This Week (July 3rd) at POP! at Eclipse

So this week, we've got the first show ever by Kuwait. This is a local superstar sort of band with members of Crash the Satellites and Tracy Shedd in it. I haven't heard them yet, in fact, I guess no one has actually heard them, but with members coming from some of the better bands in town, it should be damn fine rock and roll!

In addition to Kuwait (who will be on early...think 10ish), We'll be giving away copies of the new Sam Sparro album Sam Sparro. It's planetary funk to make you shake your junk. He's gotten all sorts of press and hype from the UK press and his debut album charted in the Top 5, somewhere near the Ting Tings I would imagine. There are CD's and vinyl to be had and all you have to is ask for it.

Anyway, what a better way to celebrate the Fourth with a band named after a foreign country and a British artist who's burning up dancefloors.

The show costs $3 and it all starts at 10pm

Come out and hang out.

Download: Sam Sparro - Black and Gold

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