Monday, January 18, 2010

The Chicago Underground Duo Hits The Streets

The Chicago Underground Duo featuring Rob Mazurek (Cornet) and Chad Taylor (Drums), have returned with their first release since 2006 and will be playing their first tour in almost as many years. See below for details

Boca Negra is the 5th release of the critically acclaimed Chicago Underground Duo and 11th release by the Chicago Underground Collective. As with the previous four Duo records it contains both composed and improvised music. The recording contains powerful grooves along with ambient sound structures, folk song simplicity and polyrhythmic bursts of energy with lyrical melodic vignettes. It also combines high energy music with slow moving ballads. Boca Negra was recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil at Rocha Studios making it the first record not created in Chicago. It is also the first record that contains a "cover", that being Ornette Coleman's "Broken Shadows". This record has been three years in the making and took so long to make due partly to both Chad and Rob's frantic touring schedules (Rob is the leader of the Exploding Star Orchestra, Sao Paulo Underground, Mandarin Movie, and more while Chad performs with Iron and Wine, Marc Ribot, and so forth).

Judging by "Spy On The Floor," the album is destined to be a classic. With Latin influences, a streets of Chicago feel and the ambiance of a 70's cop drama the tune is just what the director ordered. "Spy," is awesome free flowing jazzy brilliance that's all over the place and as frenetic and crazy as a chase scene from the French Connection. Awesome stuff then that's destined to be a soundtrack to something.

Download: Spy On The Floor

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