Monday, January 18, 2010

Seabear Build A Fire

Icelandic 7-piece Seabear will release their sophomore album, We Built a Fire, in March 2010 on Morr Music.

What started out as the lo-fi solo project of Icelandic singer/multi-instrumentalist Sindri Már Sigfússon's (aka Sin Fang Bous) has now morphed into a rambling experimental/indie/folk septet.

We Built A Fire was recorded in the band's apple carton-covered basement studio and is the followup to their 2007 debut, The Ghost That Carried Us Away, which sold over 20,000+ copies with little to no promotion behind it.

"Lion Face Boy," is an awesome glistening track of indie pop that sounds so tender and so fragile that it might just shatter into a million pieces at any minutes. It's beautiful, slightly twee stuff that just might break your heart if it doesn't break apart first. If the whole album is like this,there will be a lot of heartache come March.

Download: Lion Face Boy

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