Thursday, January 21, 2010

Emanuel and the Fear Aren't Afraid

Often times, a band can get too big too quickly and not be able to adapt in ample time to their own success. In Emanuel and the Fear’s case, they started big - an entire 11 members big. With less than a year under their belt since the initial self-titled EP release, Emanuel and the Fear has been building its profile and reputation rapidly, proving to the industry and fans alike that it is one band that is worth the hype or at least it's size.

Now armed with a brand new 18-song album of epic proportions, Emanuel and the Fear is raising the bar yet again with Listen. To be released in North America on March 9th and in Europe on March 22nd with Spring and Summer tour plans both domestic and abroad, Emanuel and the Fear will be bringing their music and full live experience to listeners across the globe.

I guess they'll be chartering a plane and a fleet of buses as the pack of the Fear trudge across countries bring sunshiny Ben Fold's like pop to the masses. Emanuel and the Fear are jumpy pop merchants that use everything short of the kitchen sink to get their message across and they do a fantastic job of getting it across with brassy arrangements, sweeping pop pianos and choruses bigger than Europe. Just listen to, "Dear Friend," and see for yourself.

Download: Dear Friend

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