Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Drlkt Freddie Gets Busy

With a shared love of music and the same kind of musical vision, Jad Cooper and Van Scott came together in early 2008 in what they thought would be a one off studio session. As it turned out their chemistry was spot on and so instantaneous that they found it difficult to stop working together. As a result, these two NYC-based DJs formed Drlkt Freddie, a production team and live act.

Their diverse sound is pulled from many influences with songs that all have the common denominator to move you. They take glitch, house, some hip hop influences, kidnap Green Velvet throw all that into a blender and come up with something that's as dark as it is dancey and as catchy and it's anthemic. They know how to piece a song together and whether it's a remix or their own material they kill it with reckless abandon.

Furiously working in the studio on original material right now for their debut EP, Drlkt Freddie has offered up a host of tracks to keep us busy until the thing is actually released.

Download: Larry Tee ft. Roxy Cottontail - Lets Get Nasty (Drlkt Freddie Remix)
Download: Drlkt Freddie - Boys and Girls (DJ Wool Remix)
Download: Killer on the Floor - Gringo Oba Oba (Drlkt Freddie Goes To Rio Remix)

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