Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One In A Googolplex 2...the Revenge.

We posted something on One in a Googolplex last year and the German singer/songwriter who took his name from a line in the movie “Back To The Future III," is back.

Sounding like a fractured fairy tale with a beat, OIAG, write slightly discordant synth pop that's the sound of a heart breaking repeatedly. The goal of OIAG is create timeless tunes that are enjoyable on this planet or any others man happens to wind up on.

Judging by the two latest songs he's released, this doesn't seem like a far-fetched idea. If synth pop could indeed by lo-fi-diy than OIAG would be it's poster child and these songs would be it's manifesto.

Broken hearted, broken pop made with broken synths have truly never sounded so good. To the stars!

Download: Seven Lives and Tasty Mice
Download: Just Like You

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