Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You'll Have A Satellite Crush

A backwards British Invasion....

After graduating from art school in Ohio, Satellite Crush's Elliot moved across the Atlantic to London, England with hopes of starting a band. Heavily influenced by British music, and determined to follow this path, he barely made ends meet by bar tending at a nearby pub and busking on the streets. In the extreme loneliness that followed, he spent much of his spare time writing songs in his small studio flat in central London. Having just left the girl with whom he was in love with, naturally she became the subject of many songs to follow.

Elliot began playing open mic shows around the city, eventually playing several solo gigs before forming a small band with several other Londoners he met at a show. Despite some promising success this however, proved to be short lived following some members' habits. In an attempt to escape the loneliness and addiction that London so warmly embraced, Elliot moved back to the States eventually planting himself in Los Angeles.

Shortly after moving to L.A, Satellite Crush was formed, basing their material around the songs that were written in London. The name came from a reference to the subject of the songs, the girl left behind, who he had minimal contact with while in London through emails, and occasionally a phone call, she was his "satellite crush".

With soaring guitars and vocals it's as if Satellite Crush were already out in space. The songs this band writes are sweeping, heartbreaking, and just about epic. These are anthems to love and loss in the making. They're emotional roller coasters packed into something five minutes long and will have you yearning for something more. As blur once said, "London loves the way people just fall apart," and Satellite Crush is the sound of that.

Download: Paris to London

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