Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Their Secret History

The Secret History is an NYC-based band featuring cult songwriter Michael Grace, Jr. and his decade-long co-conspirators from the adored (but obscured) indie pop group My Favorite. The band also features the debut of vocalists Lisa Ronson (daughter of glam rock legend Mick Ronson) and Erin Dermody.

Grace's lyrics turn bare bedsit walls into drive-in theatres, while Ronson's singing alternates between the emotive and the plaintive -- one minute channeling Dusty Springfield, the next, Kirsty Macoll. Behind them, guitarist Darren Amadio, keyboardist Kurt Brondo, bassist Gil Abad, and drummer Tod Karasik tailor soundscapes to suit each changing mood. Together, they are creating a new kind of cinematic post-pop, drawing from the rainy jangles of C86, the buzz & stomp of glam, and the light & air of the classic girl groups (particularly apparent in Ronson and Dermody's harmonies).

With a sound that's not to far from being something like the Smiths meeting the Popinjays on holiday and falling in love with each other, The Secret History clearly know how to write a proper indie pop song. This is a band that's got a classic British sound to them with out them actually, you know, being British. Call it idolatry or call it love, The Secret History have done their homework and have come up with a beautiful set of songs that will have you drinking cups of tea and reaching for your anorak. Awesome stuff that might just be better than My Favorite.

Download: Johnny Anorak

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