Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Growing...

VICE Records have signed the Brooklyn, NY-based trio Growing, kicking off 2010 with the release of their new album PUMPS on April 6th. Growing's latest offering is another top-shelf freak out of glitch, fuzz and drone. Drum machines create dense tribal rhythms and form the bedrock for the loneliest dance floor in the universe. Vocal samples swoop in and out like starlings over effects laden synths and guitar. Growing has given birth to a magical creation with PUMPS - it's the audio equivalent of coming out of an anesthetic haze with a squirming pile of joy wrapped safely in your eardrums.

Work on PUMPS began March 2009 at Ocropolis Studio in Brooklyn and was painstakingly arranged and mixed over a period of nine months. In between bouts of working at the studio, 2009 found Growing touring Japan and Italy for the first time, concluding the year with a second appearance at All Tomorrow's Parties and joining Fuck Buttons for a national US tour. 2010 tour dates to be announced soon.

Download: Hormone

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