Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aman Ellis Gives Away Whole EP

After the dismemberment of his successful band The Great Big No! in 2008, Aman Ellis turned to his side project Crunkasaurus Sex. After finding solace with midi controllers, studio monitors, and electronic production, he decided to get out of Alabama and move to the Big Apple. He landed in Brooklyn, NY, and changed his production name to the one he was born with, Aman Ellis. His first official release, All The Things - EP, was issued on February 11, 2010 on Abstract Logic Recordings.

With a melodic quality that's impressive and the ability to shift gears faster then Michael Schumacher, Aman Ellis is a talent that the world will soon have to reckon with. Whether it's tech house, italo, or glitchy stuff, the guy can write a tune almost as if it was second nature to him. Truly a talent to keep an eye on especially if you live up in good ol' New York.

As for his new record, The Cacti EP, which he's just released he says, "This summer I started a project of psychedelic wonky beats. The production style was totally different that what I'm used to and it was an awesome experience and an experiment to get my brain outside the box. A lot of vinyl samples were used to make this record and it has a very distinct analog quality to it. Expect loose wonk drifting beats with a heavy dose of melody and scratchy samples."

Download: The Cacti EP

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