Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nightshifters Take A Look Back

Nightshifters: Selections One is a look back on 2 years of great tunes and even better parties! Based in Berlin/New York, the label has been turning out bass house anthems by acts such as Hostage, AC Slater, Rob Threezy, DJ Donna Summer, Rampage, Jubilee and Proper Villains accompanied by remixes by many of the most innovate international club acts like Jokers Of The Scene, Momma’s Boy, C.R.S.T., Luna-C, Bok Bok and a host of others. Infused with House and channeling the power of Rave with an underpinning of Bass; this 16 track collection of kick ass features some of their favorite tracks they've had the pleasure to release!

This compilation is a mix of the labels acts as well as a few of their favorite remixes. Some of their biggest charting tracks like Udachi & Jubilee’s “Paypur” and the Jokers Of The Scene remix of Rob Threezy appear alongside tracks that somehow fell through the cracks like AC Slater’s “Night Shift” and Proper Villains’ “Rave Juice”. The comp starts with a classic track - Rampage’s “Big Breath” – a B’more / House jam that gets stuck in your head with a heavy vibe like no other. Also of note is the Nick Catchdubs remix of “Paypur” feat. The Kid Daytona that’s just as home on dance floors as well as prime time hip-hop radio. They round the comp out with a track that really goes for blood, Hostage’s Drum and Bass remix of label founder DJ Donna Summer’s “Raw”! A huge collection of party tracks, Nightshifters: Selections One is packed with only their best tunes over the past 2 years.

Download: Rampage - Big Breath
Download: Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur (Nick Catchdubs Remix feat. The Kid Daytona).

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