Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saharan Gazelle Boy Has A Strange Teen Heart

Strange Teen Heart is the second Record Machine release for Saharan Gazelle Boy, a collaboration between Capybara's Darin Seal and Sea Change (aka Sarah Handelman). The EP is a super-quad of songs that conjure the love, loneliness and naivete of teendom while continuing to develop the sleepy, bedroom pop of Saharan's Airplane's Can't.

The melodramatic, synth-pop is the soundtrack for the shy, 1980s, pretty-but-doesn't-know-it high school girl in all of us.

This new batch of songs was recorded over the course of many sun-soaked afternoons, and they couldn't wait to get them out so here we are . A special co-release with the Record Machine and San Francisco-based Paper Brigade, Strange Teen Heart, is available on the Record Machine website and will be released on iTunes later this month.

Download: Halfhair Girl

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