Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mariage Blanc

Pittsburgh, PA. based indie-pop band, Mariage Blanc, announce the release of their debut full length to be released November 16, 2010!

Their self-released debut EP, Broken Record (2008), received overwhelmingly positive reviews - being described by Mike Mineo of Obscure Sound as "a wonderful array of melodically rich songs, never lacking in hooks or fresh ideas".

Work on the follow-up to Broken Record began in the spring of 2009, when Mariage Blanc spent three months transforming a gutted warehouse into a functional rehearsal and recording studio. Over the summer and fall, the band continued writing and rehearsing the material that would ultimately become the foundation for their new LP.

Recording resumed in late January 2010, and the initial sessions were plagued by equipment failures, snowstorms, and even disintegrating master tapes. Six months later the band found themselves with a completed album and a realized sound: self-assured, melodic, and harmonically rich. Mariage Blanc will be released on November 16th, 2010.

Download: Whatever You Say I Am

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