Saturday, October 2, 2010

Satellite Stories From Beyond

Satellite Stories are four daring and unsigned satellite heroes from the arctic city of Oulu, Finland. As well as wrestling with the polar bears, the band somehow finds time to crawl out of the permafrost and write catchy party songs. If you listen carefully, you might hear influences from electronic dance music, even though they don´t actually play any synths.

The band's mission is to bring you nostalgia from events that you never really experienced, like the 60s, first kiss from your elementary school crush and the time you and your best friend bought that awesome 45-single and listened it from your parents record player. (They said it...I didn't). Satellite Stories play scenes from all of your favourite movies in the form of jangly, angular, energetic and always danceable indie rock.

Download: Helsinki Art Scene

1 comment:

Larissa said...

Made their "Mexico" my "Swell Tune" of today:
These guys are too adorable to hate on.