Thursday, October 28, 2010

Electric Owls Are Quite A Hoot

Here's how Andy Herod describes his band Electric Owls, "Electric Owls is what I call it these days when I write some songs, and with the help of some great friends, record and package them to be sent out into the world for complete strangers to enjoy. Or I suppose under less desirable circumstances, not enjoy. Regardless, I cannot stop, will not stop. I have done this before and for some time under different names with different friends, but for now I'll concentrate pretty much on the present."

What Electric Owls are in actuality is a really, really good neat indie rock/pop combo that unashamedly takes elements of Americana, douses them with synthesized goodness, and then takes it all and smothers it in melodically blissed out vocals. Andy's songs end up sounding lo-fi, shuffly, and ridiculously good. He some how manages to get a whole bunch quirky sounds to work together in ways they shouldn't and that's really the Electric Owls strength...great songs out of weird things.

Download: When I Was A Flood

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