Saturday, October 2, 2010

Don't Be Glum It's Grum

Graeme Shepherd aka Grum shouldn’t need any introduction. But with a list of working credits that reads like a laundry list of everyone who is everyone in the dance community since the release of his last single, Can’t Shake That Feeling, in April, introductions are not necessary.

Returning with his own brand of sun-kissed ‘cosmic-electro’, Grum proves once again that he cares little about the critiques. Serving only to the good-times with a release of the brilliant but carefree single, Through The Night.

Future disco donned out in stonewash and shoulder pads. Through The Night, unashamedly 80s, is as much a well-penned song – Hall & Oates anybody? – as it is big-room floorfiller; All vamped up synths, rising riffs and driving electro-bass.

Download: Through The Night (Beaumont Remix)
Download: Through The Night (Perseus Remix)
Watch: Can't Shake This Feeling (potentially the video of 2010)

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