Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do You Have Your ID

The ID
don't have a lot of information available about them. They don't really have their ID worked out like that. But here's what the band says about themselves...

From an unusual international coalition The ID has members from Switzerland, Ireland and the UK who formed a musical union through their love of Joy Division.  This fandom coupled with an appreciation of the artistic ideals of Dadaists, the I.D deliver their own slant on the post punk manifesto.

Dramatic and angular, the band have embraced that post punk manifesto and constructed songs that are moody, sweeping, and pretty darn good. If you can imagine the Editors in a bit of a tussle with the aforementioned Joy Division and White Lies you'll get where The ID are coming from.

With manifesto in hand the band have recently produced their debut EP, which will be the first in a series of three.

Download: Friday Night Star
Download: Last To Fall

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