Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You're A Total Slacker

Total Slacker, which is Brooklyn's Tucker Rountree, Emily Jane and Ross Condon, released their debut album Thrashin' overseas in England via Marshall Teller Records and Japan via Sixteen Tambourines earlier in the year.  The trio is now gearing up for the album release in America in early 2012. With titles like, "No Mo 4loko", "Stuck In 93'" and "Shitty Baby", Total Slacker's music is more than a good ol' time, it's a relentless lifestyle.

Lying somewhere between bad fuzzed out metal riffs and the Apples In Stereo on drugs, Total Slacker is an indie pop nightmare that rocks.  It really shouldn't work at all, but yet it somehow does and the songs are ridiculously catchy and unfortunately short.  Trashin' is one heck of a fizzy pop record that's almost not safe for work...I mean why else would someone have a single called, "Secret VHS Collection?"

Download: Secret VHS Collection

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