Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shake With Little Boots & Crazy P

While not as amazing as the original, Crazy P's remix of Little Boots' instant classic Shake this stripped down and mellowed out version is non-the-less worthy as hell.  A bit more minimal and less up front this version shakes it slowly and seductively as the track delves into soulful house territory.

With the single launch this week at a warehouse blow-out on Saturday night in London, Little Boots has invited some of her DJ friends including 'Shake' co-creator James Ford, Crazy P, and notorious disco trouble makers Horse Meat Disco and Kris Di Angelis. Little Boots will also be DJing herself and there are more surprises in store!

Find out more in the JPG up above.

Download: Shake (Crazy P Remix)
Watch: Shake

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