Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time To Get Hyper

As a hugely talented producer, remixer, DJ, label boss and composer Hyper has excelled building a loyal and global fan base as well as commanding huge respect from his peers. Having shot into the consciousness of almost every dance head and aficionado ten years ago with the eponymous Y3K compilation series, he has since released two critically acclaimed albums, remixed everyone from Foals to Futureheads, Pink to Paul Van Dyke and released some of the biggest compilation series’ over the last decade.

Now he's back with his new single, My World and as one might expect it's a frickin' whopper of a tune.  Processed guitar's power over precision drum-break edits, chunky synth lines whir and buzz and slabs of sub bass hold the foundation tight below the guttural bars of Dread MC and Genesis Elijah.   Throw in a whole host of remixes that cover ever possible sub genre known to man and you have one hell of a welcome back.  Hyper in the course of one single not only proves how and why he got his name but also why he's still respected to this day as one of the finest producers in all of Britain.

Download: My World (Brioski Remix)
Listen: My World (Original Mix)

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