Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tender Is The Night Has A Golden Glow

Golden Glow is the charming solo project of Manchester singer/songwriter Pierre Hall.

Son of a British father from Trinidad and Tobago, and a Mauritian mother, Pierre's early years were spent near Liverpool before moving to Manchester at 18 for university.

While in Manchester and just as Pierre's previous band, Lead Balloons were ending their time together in 2009, Pierre was in a serious automobile accident that left him unable to walk for nearly six months. Although the recovery was tough, and this was a dark time in his life, it also changed the way Pierre approached his art. Naming his new project Golden Glow as a tribute to the band Felt and their track "Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow" he began to write songs that captured what he was living through.

By late 2010, Pierre Hall had completed the set of songs that were to make up the Golden Glow debut, Tender Is The Night. Rough, raw, and totally DIY the songs are as pure as pure can get and while Pierre thought of re-recording the songs in a more "professional environment," he didn't and the charm of Tender Is The Night was preserved.

Now, Golden Glow’s debut album, Tender Is The Night will be released in all of its distorted beauty by Mush Records with help from the label Bleeding Gold, who will handle a limited run of vinyl. The performances that make up this record are perfect in their obvious imperfections and quite honestly that's what makes the record so good and as a result it's why Tender Is The Night is the record to introduce Golden Glow to the world.

Download: Adore Me

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