Friday, November 11, 2011

Thee American Revolution

Self-professed psychedelic cavemen who pound out their primitive songs hastily in the garage, Thee American Revolution bathe fuzz drenched riffs and fill their debut  album Buddha Electrostorm with gem upon gem of Elephant Six like songs. Robert Schneider’s (Apples in Stereo) pop smarts can’t be denied, and paired with Craig Morris, the duo conjure up a mighty tasty racket. Overseen by the mysterious direction of Wm. Shears, Thee American Revolution blaze ahead as if every song was made with cane sugar and was a number one single.

Originally released on Garden Gate Records/Elephant 6 Recording Co., Fire Records couldn’t resist getting golden tracks like the swirl of “She’s Coming Down,” the riff happy sneering “Haircut,” and the hand clapping stomper of “Blow My Mind” into the hands of millions (in theory anyway) the world over. Rounded out with bonus material and fresh packaging, it's the perfect holiday slab of indie pop.  So gather the kids round the stereo, put some apples in the stereo, turn up the volume, and freak out!

Download: Blow My Mind

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