Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Praise The Old Monk's

The Brooklyn prog-punk trio Old Monk has confirmed the release of their debut album Birds of Belize on Los Angeles's Eenie Meenie Records. The album will hit the streets via compact disc, digital and vinyl formats on January 17th, 2012. The digital version of the album will contain three bonus tracks.

Blending a love for of progressive rock, indie rock and pop punk has produced a sound that will sound familiar to most ears. But the one ingredient that stands out from the rest is the energy that Old Monk puts into their recipe. A raucous sound distinguishes the band from the crowd of over produced studio albums or overly bland lo-fi sounds that has been usual seasoning used by most bands today.

Old Monk are a jittery, frenetic bunch who wrangle their guitars in an almost Futureheads meets Polvo kind of way.  Spiky riffs bounce off speedy drum fills and out of breath vocals to create a ridiculously quick paced songs that will leave you exhausted.  That's just was indie rock should do and Old Monk does with vim and vigor!

Download: Sacred Birds

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