Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crawl back under the covers

The Morning Benders just can't sit still. During a week off between touring the US with The Kooks, We Are Scientists and upcoming festival dates and a Fall tour with Ra Ra Riot, the band decided to cover some of their favorite songs and offer it as a free download to fans exclusively on their blog.

Here's what they have to say about the The Bedroom Covers EP

"The Bedroom Covers. as you may have guessed, are covers… and yes, we did them at home in my room! the songs that you hear here are just songs we really really like. we didn't deliberate over which songs to pick. we didn't try to stick to a certain time period or genre. we just recorded songs we were going to be singing around the house anyway (and we needed the practice).

These songs sound the way they do, because we recorded them with a laptop and one mic. we used mainly acoustic guitars and shakers because that's what we had lying around, and we couldn't make much noise in our apartment anyway. We didn't spend time arranging any of these either. We learned the chords and the lyrics (which was pretty easy because we've heard all these songs hundreds of times), and we played 'em. What you hear at the basis of the recording is generally a first take. Sometimes we added some background vocals or another guitar part here or there, because the songs we were covering had a lot more going on than us, and we were feeling a bit inadequate…

But hey, you're always fighting a losing battle when you're recording covers, because 99.99% of the time the cover isn't going to be as good the original. Well, for the record, let it be known that none of our covers are as good as the originals. That's part of why we wanted to give all these tracks away for free. If you haven't heard one of these songs before, you should go out and buy it from the original artist, RIGHT NOW. Disclaimer aside: if you want to hear some kids having a lot of fun playing some of their favorite songs ever, check these out."

And you should.

Download: The Bedroom Covers (via Sendspace zip)

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