Friday, August 15, 2008

The Isles...

Ruby Isle are a singing trio of brothers — Aaron, Dan, and Mark Isle. In the year 2008, they received a plea to come to the Mexican village of Santo Poco to defend it from a bandit named El Guapo. The villagers gave the band a hero's welcome. After a nearly fatal confrontation with El Guapo, they realized the danger to which they were subject. Ruby Isle made several disastrous attempts to thwart the bandits, including infiltration of El Guapo's birthday party and seeking of mystical aid via a singing bush and an invisible swordsman. They then discovered that the villagers' greatest skill is sewing. Ruby Isle organized the villagers, using their sewing skills to create an army of "Amigos" by replicating their mariachi costumes. The villagers defeat the bandits by appearing clad in the costumes and shooting from all sides, creating the illusion that the Amigos are everywhere. Thereafter, Ruby Isle rode off into the sunset.

Ok...that's really the plot for Three Amigos.

But as far as Ruby Isle are concerned, the band is presided over by Dan Geller (of I Am The World Trade Center) and famed solo artist Mark Mallman. After they got done with their cover project of last year, the band buckled down to record Night Shot, which plays like a combination of Justice, Ratatat, and Ratt, perhaps? It's guitar rock done with electronics or vice versa. This tops the covers and then some. It's like hair metal with synthesizers and you know how much you love all that!

Download: Night Shot (featuring Tay Zonday)
Download: Hey Hey Hey (That Kid's Okay)

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