Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Previously on Lost...

Ok...I love this show. Since the X-Files went off the air there really hasn't been a drama that I was keen on. That is until Lost came along. It's like Lord of the Flies mixed with the X-Files and it's so well thought out and mysterious that you can't help but throw things at your TV.

It's brilliant television and I've been hooked for four years now. Apparently, so has New York band, Previously On Lost.

They are NUTS and are truly the only genuine TV recap rock band that bases its songs and career around what's happening on the show.

If you thought Wizard Rock was off center...how about Lost Rock. Well seeing as though we have an eon to wait until next season, you've got nothing better to do than go to ABC.com and watch this season on repeat while you listen to Previously On Lost.

Download: The Wink (via Mediafire)
Download: Be My Constant (via Mediafire)
Watch: Lost on ABC.com

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