Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Die Die Die!!!!!

With bad hair and bad hats, these Kiwi's are destined to kill us all! Die! Die! Die!, as the rather shitty, Spin magazine actually said correctly, "has little time for pop conventions." This is true as the bands angular guitar riffs go for the jugular while raw raspy vocals miraculously manage to bore their way into your collective memory.

Impressive stuff then.

Die! Die! Die! has been compared to an intriguing mix of bands, including ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Wire, Sonic Youth and kiwi faves like Bailter Space and The Clean. The boys in the band -- vocalist/guitarist Andrew Wilson, drummer Michael Prain and bassist Lachlan Anderson -- traveled to Chicago two years ago to cut its first self-titled release with Steve Albini in a brick basement (responsible for some of the greatest records of all time). Needless to say, this record sent the trio on a whirlwind series of countless tours (supporting Blood Brothers, Wire, Slint and Wolfmother) and gained it considerable world wide notoriety which no band from their native Dunedin, New Zealand had seen since the Dunedin sound heyday of the 80’s.

That being said...it's easy to say that New Zealand is back once again in the never ending POP! stakes with Die! Die! Die!'s latest album Promises Promises. Cathartic, direct, indispensable… You will know the sound as Die! Die! Die! Check out a quarter of the album below and join in the kiwi madness that is Die! Die! Die!

Download: Sideways Here We Come
Download: A.T.T.I.T.U.D.
Download: Blue Skies

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