Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We Are The Sam Champions

September 2nd! September 2nd! September 2nd!

By now you’ve probably read the release date for Sam Champion’s sophomore bash, Heavenly Bender, a few hundred times or at least three. But the Brooklyn indie rockers threw us all a big curveball this morning. Effective immediately, the band’s North Street debut – in all of its skuzzy garage pop glory – is available for pre-release purchase exclusively at

And better yet, for the next three days, you can snag it for just three bucks. Yes, that’s right, three measly dollars. And then, when Friday rolls around, the price inches up to four greenbacks until (one more time with feeling!) September 2nd, the album’s wide release.

So, yeah, long story short, Heavenly Bender costs sixty nickles for the next three days!

Download: Be Mine Everyone

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