Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hitchhikers Guide to Kino's Universe

Born in 1980 Ankara, Turkey at the same hospital as Joe Strummer to English and Turk parents, KiNo grew up in North London, where he was eventually educated in film studies in college. He moved to New York in 2001.

Map of the Universe is comprised of an album, a book and a future feature film. It is centered around the iconographic character "9" who discovers the ancient map of the universe.
The fusion of cinema, music and literature through anarchism form the riches of KiNo's inspiration that accounts for the epic, extravagant and innovative stature of the Map of the Universe as an album.

In this musical project, KiNo's collaborator is the highly respected sonic wizard/producer Jeff Blenkinsopp; the inventor of cutting-edge analog equipment. He has developed his unique production techniques while working with the world's leading artists over the years including; Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, The Clash, Kate Bush, T-Rex, Ian Dury and Vangelis among many others.

The album features 11 songs written, performed and engineered by KiNo. He plays all instruments (except drums, percussion, and horns) and sings. Produced by Jeff Blenkinsopp & KiNo.

It's pretty good British pop in a grand and sort of epic way. There's a tunefulness to the songs but it's still got enough of an indie pop punch to make you think Kino is the British Apples In Stereo if Guy Garvey was their singer or the other way around.

Download: Won't Do
Download: Vainglorious


Anonymous said...

Marvelous stuff. Who is this guy?

Paul POP! said...

One heck of a musician with an amazingly diverse background. Definitely check his album out.

Thanks for reading!


deryaninayakkabilari said...

strange, and impressive, like a new planet suddenly appear in the sky

Paul POP! said...

We may very well have a live show specifically for POP! Stereo on the blog soon. Check back for details.